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When malefic planets are having direct and significant impact on first, fifth, eighth, ninth or tenth house of the vedic astrology horoscope or birth chart; the Pitra or Pitru Dosha takes place. The Pitra Dosha is capable of causing all types of troubles and tensions to the native; but its specific impact will be according to the nature of the planets causing Pitra Dosha or Pitru Dosha in vedic astrology horoscope of the concerned person.

Some of the commonly found combinations of Pitra Dosha are given below:. In addition to the above, the Pitra Dosha is also created due to following planets in a vedic astrology horoscope and in accordance with the reasons mentioned against each:.

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Propitiation or appeasement of the relevant planet causing Pitru Dosha or Pitra Dosha in vedic astrology horoscope of a person is must to get rid of the problems related to them. Otherwise, the implications of Pitra Dosha will continue to reflect in the birth charts of ongoing generation.

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For professional vedic astrology readings and solutions, you may contact at. Skip to content Pitra or Pitru Dosha is inauspicious placements of planets in vedic astrology horoscope of a person and it indicates the astrology problems generated through the sins committed by our ancestors. Some of the commonly found combinations of Pitra Dosha are given below: If the ascendant, in vedic astrology horoscope, is occupied or aspected by two or more malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars; it generates Pitru Dosha.

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