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But to answer your question, the migration of slaves or The Underground Railroad did NOT use the light of the full moon, but instead relied on the stars and in particular the North Star. The slaves fleeing slavery were hunted by the light of the full moon.. Does anyone know a good location where people go to view the moon.

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Where u can sit in ur pickup truck and relax while you watch the moon with your date? Near los angeles CA. Hi Kathy, What a cool idea. Being a moon "lunatic" and with the name Diana goddess of the moon I seek high ground when looking for the best and earliest moon view, when it appears the largest. Around our neighborhood there are lots of tall trees and some tall buildings that lock me out from viewing until the moon has been up for quite awhile.

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So I drive up into the hills where I can get an unobstructed view and am as far away from ambient light as possible. With the quiet around me and very little surrounding light I can really bask in the moonview for a long period of time. I recommend it for all you "loonies" out there!

I always gasp in silent delight and awe when I see the full moon shining outside my window. Especially if I was not looking for it or counting on it, or planning for it. I smile and feel totally optimistic. I couldn't sleep so I got and and looked outside at the night sky, WOW! I saw the most amazing bright orange full moon. It was well worth the lost sleep to behold such a sight.

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Such a deep, rich orange moon sitting up in our western sky. I would have paid to see such a sight gladly but it was free and amazing. Thank-you MUM I know you had something to do with me waking up to see this. Thanks for looking down from heaven to Avelyn and me, rest peacefully.

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London, Ontario Canada. I stepped outside tonight, September 4, , at about pm in Hobart, Indiana a little east of Chicago and Gary The moon is approximately 30 degrees off the horizon. The striking thing is that it is a beautiful deep orange color. Why is that? I saw the red moon to! I live in sturgis MI and saw it around the same time and it was still red at pm. I wondered why it was so red I never have seen the moon this color before, I have seen it orange but never red,. Unfortunately, this beautiful red Moon is probably the result of the forest fires in Oregon.

The smoke has crossed the continent. It was early evening on Sept.


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I looked out from my backyard deck and on the eastern horizon, I saw the most beautiful full red moon. I took a pic with my mobile camera, but it did not capture the redness of the moon. I'm really in love with the light from the moon, more so than the sun. The lunar eclipse on 16 September is a penumbral.

In this light , this Vedic astrology writer had , on 28 June and after on a number of occasions in , alerted the global community and India as well that planetary impacts during ongoing times particularly during 9 August to 20 September look to be suggesting coming into being of dangers to the world attended by political , economic and social upheavals having potential to cause health hazards or epidemics.

July 16 local time Greatest eclipse: p. July 16 local time Partial umbral eclipse ends: a.

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July 17 local time. New Delhi, India Partial umbral eclipse begins: a.

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  • July 17 local time Greatest eclipse: a. July 17 local time Partial umbral eclipse ends: p. Melbourne, Australia Partial umbral eclipse begins: a. July 17 local time Moonset eclipse in progress : a. During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the moon misses the umbra completely, either by going above the umbra or below it. The next four lunar eclipses, all happening in , will be penumbral. More often than not, however, there is no eclipse at full moon. This year, in , we have 12 full moons but only two lunar eclipses. Read more: Why no eclipse at every full and new moon?

    If the moon passes through the dark central shadow of Earth — the umbra — a partial or total lunar eclipse takes place. If the moon only passes through the outer part of the shadow the penumbra , a subtle penumbral eclipse occurs. We had a total eclipse of the moon on January 21, Then, after the partial lunar eclipse of July 16, , the following five full moons August, September, October, November and December will sweep too far south of the ecliptic for a lunar eclipse to occur. Moon phase table via Astropixels.

    In , all four lunar eclipses will be hard-to-see penumbral eclipses. Whatever your relationship status, is about keeping it real, showing up, and growing up. The more maturity you bring to your love life this year, the sweeter it will be. A big part of that is learning to see love interests as individuals in their own right—not just extensions or reflections of yourself.

    This helps you show up for them in the ways that they want and need you to… and creates the space for each of you to enjoy doing your own thing. Year of Can you feel the earth move, Leo? Uranus has settled into Taurus, but his presence there continues to shake things up in your career.

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    Circumstances are changing constantly, and the goals and objectives that have given you a sense of purpose in the past may no longer seem like such a sure thing. This can be stressful, especially if your sense of self has been tied up with these goals. But it can also be the catalyst for a radical rebrand! But they also reveal the limitations of the top-down leadership style you often prefer.

    You may be the boss, Leo, but you can accomplish so much more sharing your power with others than you will by lording it over them. And as Saturn tests the waters of Aquarius between March 21 and July 1, this new way of working brings a breath of fresh air to your working relationships. Faced with a tough decision?