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Christopher Renstrom - Daily Horoscope. Crazy Horoscopes. Shoots do not consider before sprouting.

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They obey an imperative with little forethought for consequence. The softest mushrooms make their way through thin asphalt; tender seedlings appear in sidewalks. Leaves begin to bud before even the last frost is past. Only emergence is important. Aries begins with the Spring Equinox, the birth of a new cycle. Newborns are the most willful of creatures, regardless of species. They are also the most vulnerable, and they do not yet know their vulnerability. Nor are they acquainted with consequence. Aries behaves as if its welcome were assured.

It withers again if arrives in a place without warmth or moisture. Like the dawning Sun, Aries knows no boundaries. Dawn lights everything, lovely or unlovely, including debris only recently hidden under snow. But spring and Aries and dawn prefer loveliness and go to great length to create it, adorning even wretched landscapes with pink and golden clouds, unclogging rivers with spring runoff.

Aries scoffs at obstacles, and and concerns itself little with the notion of appropriateness. Were this not so, how would seeds dare sending up tender shoots in the least life-sustaining places? How would there be anything new under the sun? Spring rains erode rocks and make canyons, and seedlings reclaim monuments, without apology.

And being vulnerable, Aries feels deeply the sting of criticism, which comes always as a shock, regardless of what it has invaded, jarred, imposed upon.

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At the Aries phase of a cycle we are challenged to penetrate boundaries and express ourselves, regardless of what might be disrupted, and to do so without any guarantee. By late spring, the weather has become accommodating to life, during most years. The Taurus phase of life is the one most dependent upon circumstance. Seedlings which sprouted in early spring begin to feel the effects of location and environment. An infant becomes aware of dependency on its mother. If all goes well, necessities are provided; satisfaction and growth come of their own accord. At least this is how things should be.

Rapid growth is necessary now if the organism is to thrive.

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Every day light increases; progress is implicit. In the orchard, apple trees blossom and attract bees.

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In the cradle, the infant learns to smile. If charm fails, a temper tantrum may accomplish the outcome desired. Late spring weather is conducive to the greatest sensual pleasure.