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Virgo midheaven 9. Because of this, the Leo Midheaven individual will prefer careers that allow them to be express their creativity in productive ways and to somehow be at the centre of situations, shining and making decisions.

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You will measure your success in life not so much by your inner sense of values, but by the impact you make o Born with Leo on your Ascendant or Rising you are likely to find that a sense of authority and the opportunity for creative self-expression is necessary if your are to maintain your selfhood. According to esoteric astrology, Venus relates to concrete knowledge.

Clement points out that both Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler have a Leo Midheaven they were born within days of each other. Please try again later. Your birth time is required to calculate your midheaven sign. Gemini On Tenth House Cusp the Midheaven often indicates that in past lifetimes Gemini just gathered knowledge from the viewpoint of prestige, recognition. A whole production. Midheaven cancer! Regulus - [29 degrees of Leo] Astrological ability, independent and high spirited. This transit is the spiritual sign that you have reached a critical juncture in your life where you no longer can continue on a traditional path in accordance with old mores and conventions,.

The ego can get in the way if Leo is not careful. Midheaven in an Earth sign Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Earth signs are grounded, practical, and sensible. Leo Moon and Virgo Ascendant. This sign is ruled by the Sun who is the giver of life and vitality. Release yourself from the control of your mind South Node in Aquarius and learn instead how to live from the heart North Node in Leo.

Leo thinks Leo is King of the beasts until meeting Scorpio. Giving into the other lover is something neither Zodiac Sign Leo with Scorpio compatibility will find an easy task. On the other hand, they may be arrogant, bossy childlike, or immature, especially if Juno makes some stress aspects.


You are striving to share a piece of your heart in your career. You will find on these pages all the horoscopes with the 10th House in Leo. The zodiac begins with the first house, and goes counterclockwise around. Becoming more attuned to the dictates of your super-ego can usually help you deal with the stress associated with a difficult aspect if it is to the Sun.

The Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house of the natal chart, and is one of the angles of a chart. Thus, we should distinguish this mathematical point of alignment from the asteroid Lilith, and also from Dark Moon Lilith, which is calculated in a different way. Leo rising lives to give love and sexual expression is always fun and natural with this sign. Midheaven Leo.

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Jacqueline Kennedy and Adolf Hitler Virgo Midheaven: Work best as an 'assistant' rather than a 'leader Midheaven in Scorpio easily grabs attention of others, even if it does not have a golden aura like Midheaven Leo, for instance. Midheaven Success is a show.

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Your success and its timing also depends on other influences in your chart and the aspects made to your Ascendant, its ruler Mercury, co-ruler Saturn, and your Midheaven career. As a Leo Midheaven, you entertain the public. Bibliography Index. This is the ultimate because it's achieving two goals in one. Your Leo Midheaven Leo ruling the tenth house indicates that you have a strong ego that must find expression in some public manner. My midheaven is While you put a lot of energy into your own career and personal goals, your community spirit and generosity means you keep the welfare of others in mind.

Rowling and Beatrix Potter were Sun Leo authors. Back to the top.


The progressed MC shows us in what way your status or condition is changing. Jupiter Saggitarus in 4th. Virgo Midheaven: helpful, organised, reasonable. Also improperly called the Zenith. If Leo is your "Rising Sign" aka "Ascendant". It represents your more outward or public face and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world as a couple. Libra midheaven Asc Node Aquarius in 7th.

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  6. The strong and fiery energy associated with Leo often suggests that a person with a Leo Midheaven will seek dominance and authority through alignment with the super-ego. Leo mc - you understand that persistence pays off, you are very generous. With the tenth house in Leo, you get a typical manager. A desire to be Leo - A natural leader, they aim to be the boss and not have restrictions.

    There is a blending, a bonding, that transcends poor behavior of people who are afraid. Sagittarius midheaven These contacts suggest that your path to reaching that status can be unconventional, and is actually best served in that way. A midheaven destined to follow a creative path. The 6th house represents work ethic, so the sign on the cusp of this house also influences the kind of career… The Lion as Leo In modern astrology, Leo is painted as having simple wants and needs: recognition, creativity, and a pleasurable lifestyle.

    But the question is can the Zodiac signs Leo with Libra make it in a long-term lovers union? The Llewellyn Journal allows our readers to connect with the various new age and metaphysical topics about which they seek further information, through in-depth, free articles written by both professional and up-and-coming writers.

    Leo Midheaven has the tenacity and longevity to attain the lofty goals they aim for. Discover and save! You've got a commanding presence that works well in many fields, including government, teaching, acting, sales, management. This is further emphasized when Leo is on the cusp of the tenth house, for it is the midheaven. What you do achieve now will come through your hard work and efforts.

    At the Midheaven they look for a spiritual passion that explodes beyond all barriers and resistance is to being alive. Your pride is on the line here, so the more acknowledgment you receive for your professional efforts, the happier you will be. Posts about Midheaven written by rachel london. And I know the rising sign represents the outer personality, and the midheaven is the public personality, but I feel I present myself more as a Leo to my friends and on first impressions, also people describe me with Leonian traits.

    His progressed Midheaven is changing sign instead The progressed Midheaven is the MC of the progressed chart. Leo with Scorpio must learn to give in and balance their differences quite often. This combination emphasizes profound awareness that all concrete knowledge is rooted in the love principle. Moon Conjunct Midheaven Transit. Power, success and leadership ability. Your overall goal is one that allows you to feel like a performer, once you obtain it. Pluto Virgo in 2th.

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    The Midheaven point is the cusp of the 10th house. They know that persistence pays off. Moon conjunct Midheaven transit brings on strong feeling that are difficult to hide. Progressed Sun in Midheaven Sign When your progressed Sun enters your natal Midheaven 10th house cusp sign, who you are and who you want to be can be integrated, and you begin to feel that who you want to be isn't too far from who you are, and who you are is a good version of yourself. I have a rising Libra and my Midheaven is in Leo.

    Leo on the Midheaven places emphasis on a career which is influenced heavily by the personality. Cafe Astrology explores the meaning of the Midheaven. No matter the job, it is crucial that you, Leo, can have leadership and the ultimate power of choice on your own fate, as well as complete independence. Oftentimes, our Midheaven is connected to the tenth house of fame and honors. A Leo Midheaven is the master of control and free will, and achieves spiritual enlightenment by knowing that the physical body is necessary. For most of us it shows us our attitudes toward and relationships with authority figures.

    Here you will discover the individual meaning of each planet in each zodiac sign, and in each House. The first one is ascendant - AC our self which opposes to descendant - DC our partner and then there are also Imum coeli - IC our family, our roots, our childhood and Midheaven - MC our career, our image. Mercucy Capricorn in 6th. Virgo: With Virgo, the Midheaven plays a role of analyst, curator and supervisor. The P2 MC entered Capricorn in , when the government began to assume greater control over society by implementing a Federal Reserve system and an income tax.

    Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having House VI in Cancer.

    follow url The Sun rules Leo, and when the Sun has dominance on the Midheaven tenth house , the ego, executive ability, and leadership potential are all emphasized. Sun Conjunct Midheaven - Even while you are young, personal success and achievement will be very important. Each house is associated with a set of traits, beginning from the self, and expanding outward into society and beyond. This kind of overbearing nature can be tiresome to those who are not as intense as their Leo companion.

    You're very dignified. Negative Traits of the Sun in Leo. Leo Midheaven Sign Leo Midheaven people have lofty goals and the staying power to achieve them. In a professional setting, they are positive, creative, and very good at coming through with a project.