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And much as it can be in your nature to compromise you may not feel like it. Plus, with Venus your ruler moving into your sector of values, you might be more inclined to go with what is true for you.

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The weekend could be fairly volatile, especially if you decide to clear the air by saying it like it is. As fiery Mars enters your sign on the 4th, you'll feel more courageous and ready to tackle key issues and to socialize more. Keep a low profile around the midmonth Aries Full Moon, to avoid a war of words. Money matters come into focus and can see you treating yourself, but also enjoying a few impulsive purchases.

Try to guard your cash when Mercury rewinds from October 31st.

Transformations in your home environment can continue this year, but I also feel that whatever you have been developing in recent times, can also become more bedded down and established, or conversely, you may move altogether if your circumstances are not ideal. It's true that Uranus can continue to provide an unsettling influence around your relationships, but especially those of a more intimate variety.

Stop beating yourself up and start working towards a solution. Talking about money and financial issues is never an easy thing to do Librans.

Libra Weekly Horoscopes |

However this week, with a tricky communication aspect brewing in the Universe, it will be even more difficult to discuss money with anyone or face up to the fact that you might not be making enough to cover all of your expenses. It could be time to rethink that pesky roommate situation or downsizing in some way.

Mercury the clear thinker of the zodiac conjuncts Venus your ruler, the planet of harmony and relationships in your 2nd house of self-esteem and cash flow on Monday.

This creates an intense desire to dig deep until you get to the bottom of any situation, particularly anything involving relationships and money. If you feel the need to consult a financial advisor, this is the perfect time to do so. There could be a few tweaks you could make to your retirement plan that will set you on the right course or a way to refinance a loan that will lower your monthly costs. Monday brings with it your annual New Moon. A time to discard those things that are no longer working for you and embrace new and exciting possibilities. The next 2 weeks is the perfect opportunity for you to re-balance your one on one relationships.

Mercury the planet of chitchat and working things out verbally slides out of your sign and into Scorpio, joining your ruler Venus in your 2nd house of money, self-worth and self-esteem mid-week. With the 2 personal day to day planets in this part of your chart, the next month or so is the ideal time to sit down and go through all of your finances and make sure everything is running smoothly. If you are dealing with a Capricorn or Scorpio, things could get interesting for you over the weekend.

This is an extra important retrograde for you and Taurus because you are ruled by Venus. While the upside to Venus retrograde is that it gives you a chance to work on unresolved social relationships from the past, it is not the time to make new friends, start a new love relationship or get married. The only exception to this rule is if you are renewing your marriage vows or hooking up with an ex. Money issues will be challenging for you and your other half or anyone you have joint financial dealings with over the next 6 weeks.

Venus returns to your sign November 16 — December 2 in direct motion and this is going to be the perfect time for you to meet someone worth meeting or repair any and all fractured relationships. Until then, hold that thought Libras! Larger in size and orange in color, this Harvest Moon is a once a year occurrence. This year the Harvest Moon comes with a serious message, because both the Libra Sun and the Aries Moon are in a square aspect to life lessons planet Saturn.

Both the Moon-Saturn square and the Sun-Saturn square on Tuesday underscore a need to accept full responsibility for your actions and to bring past relationships, projects and business affairs to a fair and just completion. This might sound all rather serious — and it is — but it will get a lot easier on Thursday with the help of a jump-starting Sun-Mars trine that pumps a much-needed shot of adrenaline into the mix. As well as the Full Moon is the forward movement of Pluto, the planet of tests and challenges which gets back into the cosmic swing of things on Sunday in Capricorn, your 4th house of home and family.

If there has been some kind of domestic upheaval or unrest in the past, this is the time for you to work towards a cure. Happy birthday to those early bird Libras celebrating their big day this week! Over the course of this week, the Sun, Mercury the planet of words and clear thinking and Ceres the outer asteroid of maternal feeling and unconditional love join hands in your sign where they remain for the next few weeks.

The cosmic showstopper is when the Sun moves into your sign on Saturday.

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This marks the first day of fall or spring depending on which hemisphere you abide. This equinox is one of the 2 days of the year when the Sun is directly overhead at non on the equator, marking a perfect balance between the hours of day and night. This is a great day to use the equilibrium between heaven and earth to check out the balance in your own life Librans.

You are after all symbolized by the scales and being too much out of balance is something that can really make life hard for you while other signs thrive on being imbalanced! One thing to try to avoid now and always Libras is putting others first. That is one of your best and your worst assets. So here are some birthday tips for you to live by over the next few weeks while the Sun is in your sign.

Do something just for you, buy yourself something beautiful and receive instead of give.


The big celestial news this week is the re-entry of Mars, the motivational speaker of the zodiac back on track and setting up his workshop in your fellow air sign of Aquarius though mid-November. Aquarians, Aries and Leos are all great matches for you. Just be mindful of how much money you are spending Librans, with your ruler Venus, the planet that holds the purse strings in the zodiac currently housed in strict Scorpio, your 2nd house of money and self-worth. You tend to be uber generous both with yourself and the people you love but while they are saving money, you are spending it!

Luckily for you, your ruler Venus the planet of love and harmony continues to bless your sign, your 1st house of personality and ego through September 9. The Sun in your sign forms an awkward angle with Neptune today, and you could feel a little put upon or dissatisfied with your current projects or work. There could be a feeling of being undervalued, but this is temporary.


Libra Horoscopes

Feeling under the weather may be a signal that you're not listening to your needs for more imagination in your life. It may be time for some rest and reflection. Do what you can to clear your head. Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. Monthly Horoscope Overview for October for Libra:. As the month begins, you are at once busy peacemaking and building bridges with others and tending to your personal needs, dear Libra.

By the 4th, however, you're digging in your heels and pursuing your desires more heartily. Your own needs become paramount, and if you're not getting what you need, you're likely to take a stand now. In a general sense, things are playing in your favor in October. With Mars in your sign most of the month, your independence and freedom are especially crucial to you. Your desire nature is potent, and at times, you may need to tone it down a little.


However, if you use this period well, you'll have all the courage necessary to make your dreams happen. You might reach a turning point in a partnership toward mid-month, or unrest becomes apparent, and changes are needed. Later in October, getting comfortable is a stronger drive. Some of you are inclined to indulge yourself with a big purchase. Home-related projects move forward and solving problems in your personal life can be empowering.

There is an active and building emphasis on your practical affairs, money, resources, and talents. You may be planning or mapping out strategies for improving your relationship with money, or you could be coming up with fabulous ideas about how to use your resources more efficiently. While the month is useful for discovering new methods or things that excite you, try not to jump into or out of things too quickly.

The more innovative, the more you're attracted! The key is to control quick impulses but to keep your mind open to making changes and improvements that will benefit you or lighten your load. You're in a flattering, boosting personal cycle, although the Full Moon on the 13th reminds you of your need for others to be the best you can be.

You can be excited about bringing something to a new level or breaking new ground. Revelations and epiphanies are likely. Pace yourself, particularly around the Otherwise, follow your heart, especially from the , when your intuition is excellent for business and health. A psychic rapport experienced with people around you is possible now, particularly in your working relationships or daily life.