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He concludes that each of these signs have been chosen to generate a certain meaning. It attempts to convince us that it is not a fictive document, that it is a true reflection of reality, a window into the real world of the woman. The figure thus represents the self for the reader, a future image that is attainable for her if she continues reading and learning from the magazine.

On a male magazine however the same figure would represent a sexual image, an object to be attained by the male reader. Methodological underpinnings We see our endeavour as being a qualitative case study of an exploratory nature, as detailed below. Surveys as large as possible, as well as experiments, relying mostly on statistical data were almost solely considered scientific and rigorous.

Later, various disciplines, such as anthropology, psychology, sociology started to use qualitative methods, first correlating them with quantitative ones, and then by using them singularly.

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Difficult as it may be to define qualitative research, there seems to be one dimension where quite a number of social science researchers share the same view. This is the belief that while in quantitative research one operates mainly with numbers, in qualitative research 'words' are favoured. Thus, we consider our study to be qualitative in nature since no counting or statistical strategies will be used, since we try to understand a phenomenon in its uniqueness by resorting to strategies of analysis grounded in the data and that we make no claims of representativeness or generalisability.

Thus, the case study is not a specific technique but rather a method of collecting and organizing data so as to maximize our understanding of the unitary character of the social being or object studied. Their singularity, in our view, is given by their transnational character, their relative comparability in terms of their gender related audience, and their popularity. Our study is also exploratory in nature, since it was not prompted by any hypothesis, neither did it start from a specific micro-theory.

Nevertheless, as shown previously, at the macro-level it is rooted in Critical Discourse Analysis. It is an inductive analytical endeavour which is grounded in the data. The latter ones are generally seen as addressing women who are less educated and well off.

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The general perception of the magazines mentioned above as being divided into two distinct and very different groups due to their targeted readership prompted the selection of the two magazines that we decided to investigate. Thus, we decided to focus on Cosmopolitan, as one of the most famous international magazines, the proponent of the concept of cosmogirl, as compared to the Romanian made Ioana, Ioana being a very common first name in Romanian. Magazines are therefore complex collections of visual and written codes that can be extensively decoded and analysed by their readers.

Picture 1 Aici vine poza cu cosmo: Marisa Miller supermodel: super body Picture 2 Si pe urma vine poza cu Ioana: No name face, no body Thus the targeted female readers are invited to identify with very different models: a famous, gorgeous super model with a perfect body in the case of Cosmopolitan, as compared to an anonymous, nameless though pretty face.

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First we will analyse full page advertisments and then we will discuss the smaller ones. There are differences between the two magazines, when it comes to advertisements, concerning both the quantity and the quality of these advertisements.

American monthly magazines

Additionally, there are differences which refer to the kind of product they advertise as well as the number of advertisements pertaining to that kind. The following two tables summarise these differences. Table 3 No. The products advertised in Ioana, however, include advertisements that refer to more domestically oriented products such as vacuum cleaners while some beauty products found in Cosmopolitan are completely absent e.

The table below presents the findings. In the following checklists we will record these Anglicisms by magazines and by locus, i. There were basically two main reasons supporting our decision. A first reason is a journalistic one: editorials in such popular magazines have a certain role, i.

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The second reason was research related and data grounded. Namely, after repeatedly reading the two magazines and after completing our analysis we observed that the two editorials instantiate in a nutshell the majority of the features discovered throughout the whole process of our analysis. To support this claim, we decided to translate and quote the two editorials as follows. For the translation validation purpose, each of us translated the editorials individually and then we compared and discussed them deciding on the final version.

Cosmopolitan Early summer always finds us complaining either about putting on too much weight lately or about cellulite has cozily settling in and having to put our mini-skirts and shorts on a waiting list. I imagine the same thing happens in your group of friends. Read the article What do you eat at work?. Bright colours replace the black and grey of our thick winter coats.

Even the faces of the passers-by look more serene and it seems easier to ignore the word crisis. Try it yourself if not at noon, at least in the evening on your way home or at the weekend. For this reason, in the concluding section of our paper we will briefly summarise first the similarities and than differences.

But that's besides the point. Gurley Brown was a great editor not just because of her ability to put words on the page, but because she lived as she advised. She genuinely believed that all women could change their circumstances through a commitment to work, self and, well, love.

And she believed it because she overcame meager circumstances through just those means.

She chronicled her rise from Little Rock, Arkansas where her father died in an elevator accident to a top-paid copywriter in the best-seller Sex And The Single Girl. Part-confessional, part-self-help guide, the book promised to transform the life of any woman who read it. I first came across the book during my freshman year of college, where I shelved books for a pittance in the university library.

And by "shelved books" I mean: I spent a good portion of my hours reading whatever caught my eye. As I was making my way through the musty sociology section, I saw the tattered binding.

When you're about 18, anything with the word "sex" in it will catch your eye, even if the source in question was an outdated book. So I read.

Am I the Only One Who Does This?

Though the book was about 40ish years old, the content was great. For one, I learned about scuttling --an alarming practice that occurred in certain offices in the s, where a male superior would chase their female counterparts around and The casual way Gurley Brown wrote about such a ritual, the way one would refer to a mix-up at the soda machine, intrigued me. Aside from old-timey sexual harassment stories, the actual practical advice on how to take yourself from the middle-of-nowhere or in my case, New Jersey, which is considered the "middle-of-nowhere" to Manhattanites and to "somewhere" was the guidance I needed at the time.

It wasn't magic, but was the promise that exceptionally hard work would eventually pay off.

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Her pillars of wisdom revolved around the belief that a career would be a savior, turning "mouseburgers" her term for those who weren't the most popular or well-connected into glamorous fully-formed women. By getting a toehold into the working world, you'd then devote yourself into advancement while studiously spending and saving. You'd get a sense of independence, which would attract a suitable partner. It was all a matter of will, you see, and she knew first-hand. So when I'd read this fabulous book with its heartfelt advice, it would pain me to then glance over at the newsstand and see the magazine's current incarnation.

Gurley Brown stepped down from her editor position in There wasn't much to any issue aside from lots of lists, quizzes and far-fetched stories of embarrassing moments.