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What Is Your Style by Zodiac Sign?

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FASHIONSCOPES - Fashion Horoscopes with Zodiac Style

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Aquarius Style Qualities

Aquarius always seeks for something new. As for the style, Aquarius is very unique and individualistic. Mostly they don't like to follow fashion and don't need to buy brands. They prefer stylish, cozy things. It often happens that people of this zodiacal sing have their favorite thing and wear it no matter if it is in trend or not. They are always comfortable in any cloths. Strong-minded Saturn and offbeat Uranus rule Aquarius.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Pisces: Very delicate, moderate and instinctive persons. Quite often they are talented in some kind of art, have good imagination. Pisces are expressive, emotional and artistic persons who like the attention of people around. Communicating with Pisces you'll meet understanding and concernment. This sensitive individuality is able to compassionate. Pisces like comfortable things and make their style themselves. But due to their tender essence, they like their things to be beautiful, extravagant and unusual. Pisces like to order individual, unique things.

Creative Neptune and original Jupiter govern Pisces. Aries: Warlike attitude, courage and power are main characteristics of Aries. They are very confident and they like to demonstrate it. The aptitude of this sign is science. Aries will be successful in any science chosen by person of this rising sign.

The style of Aries reflects the inner world of this rising sign. This zodiacal sing is official and performing power for office, and glossy, sporty and attractive at free time. Aries needs to shine and to look and feel strong. Aries appreciates bright, snazzy colors. Mars position in the chart is important as strong Mars is a ruler of Aries. Taurus: People of this rising sing are usually calm, serene and practical. The peculiarity of such people is their sensuality, which make the world comprehensible for them.

They don't see and hear the surroundings, but they feel it. Generally people of this rising sing are good in music or painting.