Day number 13 january life number numerology

Hence it would do them good to be cautious while spending. They are well versed in handling people and managing them to extract more work. Jobs like police, supervisors are best suited for them. Lord Rahu is a very strong ruler among the nine astrological planets. He is very temperamental and does everything according to his wishes, in his own way. So, when the number 4 people face some sudden changes or unwanted deals coming their way, they should not despair that their wishes are not coming true.

The number 4 people have a rough voice and speech.

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Their bravery and strength set them apart. They possess a dominant, almost military style of moving and speaking. They also have a strong, well-built physique. They might get married early in their life.

They might even have to bear the burden of running the family. Many problems come their way. But like they say, troubles pile up only on those who can overcome them. Similarly, they can withstand any onslaught and rise up victorious. They will be blessed with loving spouses. They will be spiritual.

The number 13 people are born for misery, some might say. But, that is never the truth. No pain, no gain goes the saying. All their early age struggles form the basis of their prosperous future. Sometimes unknowingly they might earn the ire of others. Those who seek their help and benefit from their timely help will ultimately betray them.

Just like the waves are never-ending, trouble does come in waves for them. But, they will overcome everything with their tireless hard work and determination. They will attain name and fame in due time. But, ego is their only enemy and pride will be the cause of their downfall. If they keep to the straight path, work hard tirelessly without any pointless superiority, they will achieve their desire. The people born on the day 22 have a silver tongue and lots of friends.

They are stubborn but possess good managerial skills. They do not mind getting their hands dirty to earn some money. Later, they might suffer due to that. The number 22 persons should always be on alert, as their closed ones usually betray them or cheat on them. They should avoid spending on unwanted causes to boost their ego, as this will result only in failures. They are lucky in politics, cinema, and competitions. They should keep away from bad influences at all costs. Self-satisfaction is the important thing for the number 31s.

The money will prove elusive to them if they seek it; but will land on their laps, if they let it come on its own. They are radicals and dominant personalities.

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They have strong will-power and desire to live life to the fullest. They love exploring astrology, philosophy, spirituality and other such sciences. They face their enemies without backing down. They are lucky in politics. They are knowledgeable in varied streams of life.

They can also judge a person easily. The number 4s have the medium height, with a round face and slightly plump body. Their eyes will be deep-set. Contract businesses, car, lorry, iron related fields, public speaking, and astrology are good for the number 4. Many have a natural flair for analysis and investigation. They make good detectives, journalists, typists.

Numerology Life Path Number 4

They also get jobs in railway and banking sectors. They can also work well as supervisors which require talent in tapping the capacity of the employees. Life Path number 4 are excellent speakers and shine well in politics. They also love traveling and hence make good drivers, travel agents. They make excellent, unique critics. Book publishing, book shops are fields suited to the number 4s.

HR consultancy is an excellent field for them. Karate, circus and Silambam fields which require physical rigor are good for them. Mechanical jobs, engineering jobs, manufacturing raw materials, building houses, animal care are jobs well-suited for them. Tailoring, car, bike, scooter mechanic jobs, electrician, government broker jobs are well-suited for them. As they are experts when it comes to extracting work, they can be employed in hotels, bars, hotel managers, bouncers and also as rowdies or collection agents. Meat businesses, magical chicanery, treating the poisoned are some of the other jobs. When their number is weak, they even resort to cheating, blackmailing others for money and other shady activities.

Usually, the number 4s get married early in their life. Though they argue with their spouses, they make for loving and caring partners. They hold purity at the highest. They also have the mental strength and courage to marry their love in spite of family opposition. If they marry people with birth number or sum of dates as 1 or 8, they will have a happy married life.

Men born on day 4 can marry women born on day 6 for financial well-being. If they can keep their wedding on the day or date whose sum comes to 1 or 6, they will have a blissful married life. Generally, the numbers 1, 2, 4 and 6 form good friends with the number 4. The people born on day 8 can be friends but not partners.


The number 1s will bring them under their dominance and take them up the ladder of success along with them. Not many diseases affect the number 4s.

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If they avoid over-indulgence, they can have a healthy life. The number 4 are largely affected by the disease of bile. They will be always tensed with nervous tension and stress. But any disease that afflicts them usually leaves them early. Flatulence, indigestion, back pain, occipital headache usually afflict them.

The diseases of the head, eyes, nose, throat will occur frequently. Avoiding meat and spicy food will go a long way in reducing the diseases. Exercising daily will boost their immune system against any diseases. The days 1, 10 and 19 of every month, the dates which add to the number 1 are lucky for the number 4s. But the number 28 will be moderately beneficial for them.